Are you ready for the full power of collaboration?

100% teamwork, 100% connected. Teamwork is digitally possible as well - through Microsoft Teams! Connect yourself and your colleagues, chat with each other, start exciting video conferences, participate in "TelCos" and work together on the most impressive projects!

10 reasons for implementing Microsoft Teams
  1. Teams combines teamwork and communication in a single application
  2. Teams is a 100% independent of location and therefore ideal for the home office
  3. digital video conferences for internal as well as external members are possible with just the touch of a button
  4. the parallel and collaborative work on documents, as well as
  5. the extension and integration of other third-party tools in possible
  6. it enables contextual communication and structured work
  7. external people can be added to a Teams channel as guests
  8. Teams is linked to other Office 365 products
  9. it is just one application with multiple communication channels
  10. Teams is suitable for all kinds of immobile and mobile devices and operating systems