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Our ERP project management product!

We offer you a concept for your software projects with our ERP project management product projectLEAD. Our approach for your software projects is a solution as close to the standard as possible, which you design and implement together with our experienced project management team. Our consultant structures your ERP projects and breaks them into individual sub-projects so that the infrastructure is visible to the entire team. Our approach to project management consists of endogenously motivating the entire ERP team, including its own users, and thus creating a functioning project engine.

Use effective project management

This is the basis for the further steps of projectLEAD. Our project management team is now able to implement initial specifications and control the project plan. For this purpose, the consultant defines milestones and thus optimizes the project progress of the ERP project and the consistency of the project infrastructure.

Depending on the development scope of your project, it may be necessary to incorporate sprint planning into the project infrastructure. Therefore, the consultant records the requirements, which will be implemented in sprints, with your key users. The next step of our project management plan is the user accepting test which will be finished together with the consultant.