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Anveo EDI Connect

Exchange your business data from Microsoft Dynamics via any interface you like.

Anveo EDI Connect is an extension for Microsoft Dynamics and is set up and operated entirely from here. Data conversions are easily configured at the click of a mouse.

No external converter or additional service provider is required to process EDIFACT formats.

EDI messages are processed in the Dynamics Service Tier.

All incoming and outgoing messages are clearly available in the Anveo EDI Connect control centre.

Own tables and fields

The Anveo EDI Connect facility references any fields and tables including flexible data filters from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Microsoft Dynamics NAV without any programming.

Frequently used message types

Purchase orders (ORDERS)

Purchchase order response (ORDRSP)

Despatch advice (DESADV)

Invoices (INVOIC)

Remittance advice notes (REMADV)

Commission Instructions (INSDES)

International Forwarding and Transport Message Instruction (IFTMIN)

Sales data report (SLSRPT)

Inventory report (INVRPT)

and many more...

Possible communication channels

FTP -File Transfer Protocol


SSH -Secure Shell

SFTP -SSH File Transfer Protocol

SCP -Secure Copy

X.400 -Message Handling System

AS/2 -ApplicabilityStatement 2

AS/3 -ApplicabilityStatement 3

OFTP -Odette File Transfer Protocol

OFTP 2-Odette File Transfer Protocol 2

POP3 -Post Office Protocol 3

SMTP -Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

IMAP -Internet Message Access Protocol