Continia Document Capture

An end-to-end solution for document recognition, invoice approval and digital document archiving.

Are you tired of having to manually create invoices and other documents over and over again? Do you want to save time when processing and approving documents?

With this app, you can automate every single step of your daily invoice processing - from receiving and capturing documents, to retrieving them later for audit and reporting.

Continia Document Capture automatically downloads files from predefined email addresses. Built-in intelligent OCR technology reads the content and maps documents to the correct workflows for approval and archiving.

All these steps take place without user involvement, saving you both time and the effort of manual capture.

Easily accessible documents

The digital archive in this solution makes it easy for you to access registered documents from relevant locations within Dynamics Business Central. The PDF invoice can be opened from the input screen of the posted invoice card or general ledger.

Features and benefits of this app

Efficient processing and capture of documents

No more manual capture and processing of documents required

Simple and fast search for archived documents

Location-independence - even external employees can view documents

More security and minimisation of errors